ChainLink is now Available on Banking service Revolut

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UK-based Banking service Revolut has announced the addition of ChainLink and 7 other popular crypto tokens on its platform. In what is seen as as a pushback against the traditional banking system, Revolut tweeted, that the announcement of adding 8 new tokens to the platform. With this onboarding users will be able to buy and sell ChainLink directly from the Revolut App.

As well as ChainLink, other new digital assets added on Revolut’s platform include the likes of Polygon, Algorand, Cosmos, Celo, Band Protocol, NKN, and Tellor.

Furthermore, these tokens will now also be available for trading on the App. This integration brings Revolut crypto offerings so fat to almost 30 digital currencies.

New Era For Crypto Market

The addition of Chainlink and these 7 new tokens to Revolut bodes well for the crypto ecosystem in general. Moreover, anyone using Revolut’s App will also have direct access to a slew of crypto assets to trade with including Bitcoin. A stream of new customers will, in turn,  encourage an influx of more money into the crypto market, most of which will circulate around various other tokens as more and more people start trading.

Increased trading activity in the crypto market will invariably drive focus on the most favored assets and also help in propping up the credible new tokens such as ChainLink.

Crypto Adoption Gets a major Boost

The debut of financial institutions and technologies, such as digital bank Revolut, that are focused on the blockchain and crypto infrastructure has invariably boostly the acceptance and adoption of new cryptocurrencies and altcoins such as ChainLink. Moreover, the availability of easier and faster means of accessing and trading with these new cryptocurrencies further fuels their adoption .

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