8+ Best Bitcoin Debit Cards in 2022

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The widespread spurt in the adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) has really transformed the financial sector. As more and more huddle to buy Bitcoin, the fast growing crypto currency, Bitcoin’s dominance is all but cemented. Which is why, Bitcoin is now being used on online marketplaces, local savvy stores for buying goods and whatnot. Some of the best bitcoin debit cards can enable you to even buy groceries or subscriptions online. 

So, how do Bitcoin debit cards work? When you pay via Bitcoin, the card companies do the exchanging part instantly, and you just spend your BTCs freely without any hassles. Let’s have a look at some of the best bitcoin debit card providers. Some of these are crypto exchanges whilst others are card only services. Without further ado, let’s get started.

8 of the Best Bitcoin Debit Cards 2022

1) Binance Card

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards

Arguably the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance offers a nifty Bitcoin debit card on which it charges zero fee. This card is available for all Binance users exclusively in select countries. To top-up your card with funds, simply head over to the Binance Card App and pay with your local fiat currency for Bitcoin or BNB. 

The Binance Debit card uses this balance for all your card payments and automatically deducts expenses from the total BTC balance every time you make a purchase via BTC. 

What’s more, the Binance Card is accepted by over 46 million merchants offline and online in over 200 regions and territories across the world so that users can shop with BTC bereft of any problems.

2) Crypto.com MCO Card

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards

Crypto.com’s famed MCO Visa card is very popular among crypto enthusiasts and one of the best bitcoin debit cards that you can get your hands on. MCO Visa Debit cards are metal cards that come with variants in select countries including the United States, Singapore among others.

If you want to hodl an altcoin along with BTC, Crypto.com also offers an altcoin called MCO that you can use along with the MCO Visa Debit card to reap numerous benefits such as:

  • Free Spotify subscription
  • Cashback on Airbnb and Expedia bookings
  • Free Netflix account
  • Extra cashback on each MCO spent

3) Wirex

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards

Formerly called E-coin, Wirex is a Bitcoin debit card available in both virtual and physical forms and is delivered free of cost to your home.

Wirex offers a $250 in bitcoin signup bonus when users spend $3,000 within the first three months of holding the card. Not to mention, a 0.5% crypto cashback on in-store purchases. Wirex also provides an account number and sort code (similar to a traditional bank) for certain countries. The card can be used in conjunction with the Wirex app/wallet to receive, send BTC worldwide.

Please note that Wirex GBP card is a Visa Debit Card and the EUR or USD cards are prepaid debit cards. Wirex BTC debit cards are available only for Europe and UK users currently. However, the downside is that the registration is not anonymous and all standard transaction fees are levied on transactions done with Wirex Bitcoin debit cards.

4) CoinBase Card

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards

Powered by Visa, popular crypto exchange CoinBase has its own debit card available for all Coinbase users in the USA and other countries. 

The CoinBase card is one of the best bitcoin debit cards to make online payments, Bitcoin ATM withdrawals and in-store payments. To top-up your card, simply use your Coinbase account funds. Although Coinbase doesn’t levy card issuance or transaction fees on U.S. users (with verified accounts), international users are required to fork out at least ₤4.95 or 2.9% of the transaction fees, respectively. 

As a trade off, users can use their CoinBase Bitcoin debit cards anywhere VISA cards are accepted. What’s more, these cards can be used to spend other cryptocurrencies (apart from BTC) that you own. 

5) CryptoPay Card

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards

Launched in 2013, Cryptopay is a wallet and payment marketplace where merchants and consumers transact with each other. CryptoPay’s Bitcoin debit cards incur a low commission on transactions and are delivered worldwide free of cost within 3-10 days. 

Interestingly, Cryptopay cards are also issued in both physical and virtual card formats. These cards are accepted on all platforms where Visa debit cards are accepted.

Although no ID verification is required to buy Cryptopay Bitcoin debit cards, it is not fully anonymous, since your name and email ID are required at the time of registration.

6) Nexo

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards

One of the best bitcoin debit cards that is available in both physical and virtual card forms for safe online purchase, Nexo charges zero transaction fees. It can be paired with a nifty Nexo wallet (custodial wallet) for storing funds that you can use to top-up your Nexo debit card. 

Furthermore, Nexo doesn’t levy any monthly/annual fees, not ever FX fees. Some of the salient features of Nexo cards are:

  • Decent cashback on all purchases.
  • You can freeze and unfreeze your card with a single tap to avoid misuse.
  • Create free virtual cards for making online purchases.

7) Crypterium

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards

If you reside in a country where Bitcoin debit cards are not issued, chances are Crypterium’s prepaid debit card will come in handy. Usually, crypto enthusiasts in countries such as India, Brazil, South Africa and Nigeria have a hard time finding a Bitcoin debit card provider. Luckily, Crypterium solves this problem with its own debit cards that are powered by Visa. 

Crypterium visa debit cards can be used to buy products both online and offline. Moreover, you can also withdraw funds from Bitcoin ATMs in your vicinity using a Crypterium debit card.

8) Uquid

Best Bitcoin Debit Cards

Rounding off our list of the best bitcoin debit cards is UK-based Uquid. It is a multi-cryptocurrency debit card with support for bitcoin and over 40 cryptocurrencies. The card is shipped free of cost to 178 + countries and delivered within 2-3 working days, the fastest delivery time compared to many heavyweights on this list.

Available in both virtual and physical forms, Uquid is a lucrative option for crypto investors since it provides the highest Bitcoin market price whilst converting your bitcoins into GBP, USD or EUR.

What’s more, you can top-up your debit cards using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin(BTC), Monero (XMR), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash, Augur, and Dogecoin. 

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