Litecoin is the 4th Most Owned Crypto in the U.S and U.K: Survey

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While cryptocurrency ownership is seeing a steady upward trend globally despite slowdown due to recent controversies, a recent survey of nearly 3000 US adults has shed light on some of the most owned crypto currencies.

According to data from sampled in March 2021, around 80% of 2,925 respondents owned Bitcoin while 35.7% said they own Ethereum. The survey found Dogecoin as the third “most preferred” cryptocurrency with a 24% ownership rate. Interestingly, Litecoin was the 4th most owned crypto with a 19.1% ownership rate.

Rounding off the top five most owned crypto currencies among US adults was Bitcoin Cash with a 16.8% ownership rate.

The same survey performed in the United Kingdom showed the “same order with albeit different ownership rates.”

The survey report from the U.K revealed:

“In the UK, 70% of more than 1500 cryptocurrency owning adults indicated owning Bitcoin. The ownership rate for Ethereum was more similar in both countries with the UK registering a slightly higher 37.3% but Dogecoin ownership fell down to 15.5%. Meanwhile, Litecoin was again the 4th most popular crypto in the United Kingdom with a similar ownership rate of 15%.”

Bitcoin Cash again rounded off the top five with a 10.1% ownership rate in the United Kingdom.

Here’s the survey’s full findings report:

Not surprisingly, the survey reveals that Bitcoin is still the “overwhelming” favorite among a plethora of virtual currencies and altcoins that are currently available.

According to data from TradingPlatforms, in its early days crypto remained “on the fringes” and was known only to a select few. However, in 2021, cryptocurrency adoption has picked up steam and is well on its way to become “part of the mainstream,” the report claims.

The update further noted that after Bitcoin came into existence in 2009, it has helped pave the way for the larger blockchain and crypto space that has quickly evolved into a burgeoning trillion dollar ecosystem.

However, the report concludes that “there is still much debate about the long term viability of virtual currencies despite awareness around cryptocurrencies reaching mainstream levels like never before.”

While ownership levels are definitely on the rise in 2021, the volatile nature of crypto, evident by the current steep fluctuations in its value is precisely what attracts and repels potential investors.

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