5+ Best Staking Coins in 2021

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Staking crypto is the new trend in the crypto currency world. More and more crypto investors, old and new, are staking their cryptocurrencies and digital assets to earn lucrative passive interest on them. Staking is somewhat similar to storing your money in a savings account and then deriving interest from it. Don’t know how to start staking? Fret not, we have done a rundown of the best staking coins that will help you out.

Thanks to the Proof of Stake consensus model, now crypto enthusiasts can stake cryptocurrencies, coins and tokens on blockchains. How does it work? POS model works when you stake your coins or tokens in a crypto wallet and then forge new coins through a process called forging. Let’s have a look at some of the best staking coins that are shaping the crypto industry as we know.

5 of the Best Staking Coins in 2021

1) VeChain (VET)

best staking coins

VeChain is an Ethereum-inspired blockchain platform that solely focuses on enterprises and the supply chain industry. You can expect an annual ROI of 2.2% from VeChain. 

VeChain is already put to use by multiple clients all over the world that are tracking products and shipments. VeChain has also launched their mainnet recently. 

Note: ROI can fluctuate heavily in the volatile crypto markets.

2) Tezos (XTZ)

Best staking coins

Backed by one of the biggest ICO funding campaigns, Tezos is one of the best staking coins currently. On the lines of Ethereum, Tezos wants to be an ever-lasting blockchain that can handle numerous upgrades and development over time without the need for hard forks. 

Tezos is also projecting itself as a platform for security tokens. You can expect an annual ROI of about 5-6% from Tezos. 

Note: ROI can fluctuate heavily in the volatile crypto markets.

3) Cosmos

Best staking coins

A relatively new blockchain platform, Cosmos is touted as the internet of blockchains wherein new startups can create their own blockchain services. 

Cosmos aims to bridge the gap between several blockchains and make it easier for them to connect, collaborate and co-exist with each other. You can expect an annual ROI of about 8% from ATOM.

Note: ROI can fluctuate heavily in the volatile crypto markets.

4) NEO

Best staking coins

NEO is a platform for new dApps and services, and new tokens. Touted as the Chinese Ethereum, Neo was launched in 2017. Similar to VeChain, there have been concerns regarding the decentralisation of Neo, however, the team behind Neo is currently working on getting additional nodes to the network and gain traction with new development.


Best staking coins

A platform that provides crypto newbies a safe gateway into blockchain, LISK is an open-source blockchain that wants to simplify the process of creating their own blockchains for everyone. Since Lisk’s SDK is written in JavaScript, new developers can start building in it in a jiffy. 

You can expect an annual ROI of about 5-6% from Lisk.

Note: ROI can fluctuate heavily in the volatile crypto markets.

Why should you start staking?

One of the primary reasons to start staking crypto and other valuable digital assets is to generate extra income. Secondly, it involves little to no effort with the help of an exchange or cold staking. Investors looking to invest in new crypto currencies can find staking as a great way to get started. 

Staking makes it easier for you to decide what crypto to buy, and channel potential earnings as a reinvestment, or use them for buying another crypto, or simply cash out!

What’s more, as one delves deeper into the nitty gritty of staking they can acquire more knowledge about blockchain technology, investing, and new cryptocurrencies. We hope our list of the best staking coins will come in handy to you.

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