10+ Best Bitcoin Cash Wallets in 2022

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Bitcoin Cash or BCH was forked/split from the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin, on August 1, 2017. Subsequently, this announcement was made later in that day: “as of block 478559, the Bitcoin (BTC) network has hard forked into Bitcoin Cash (BCH)”. Bitcoin Cash is a powerful cryptocurrency by its own right and we thought it would be good idea to list some of the best Bitcoin Cash wallets that will help you store your BCH holdings safely.

Users of Bitcoin Cash prefer the use of the currency strictly as a medium of exchange for commerce, whereas the Bitcoin-supporting faction sees holding Bitcoins as a store of value that will increase over time. While both the crypto’s have their own intrinsic benefits, it’s pertinent to store your BCH and BTC holdings in a safe and reliable wallet rather than on a crypto exchange. Our list of the best Bitcoin wallets comprises multi-crypto wallets as well as BCH-only storage options. Let’s get started.

10 of the Best Bitcoin Cash Wallets 2022

1) Ledger Nano X

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Perhaps the best bitcoin cash wallet in the hardware wallets segment, the Nano X is Ledger’s premium offering that supports the BCH hard fork. It is a compact storage device for multiple cryptocurrencies such Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and tons of other altcoins.

2) Ledger Nano S

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There is a reason why the Nano S is considered one of the best bitcoin cash wallets especially if you prefer cold storage hardware wallets. Ledger Nano S owners need not go through the hassles of tinkering with the settings of their wallet in order to store and access their BCH stash. It’s a really hands-free hardware wallet that saves you a lot of sweat.

3) BTC.com Wallet

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BTC.com’s offers its own indigenous web and mobile Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash wallet. If you prefer a web wallet that doesn’t compromise your private keys and keeps your BTC and Bitcoin Cash stash safe and secure, BTC.com’s wallet is worth a gander.

4) Trezor

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Trezor’s own line of Trezor One and the recent Model T hardware cold storage wallets are an affordable alternative to Ledger’s offerings. After BTC’s hard fork, Trezor was one of the first wallet makers that had officially announced support for BCash (BCH) via a step-by-step guide on how Trezor wallet users can claim BCH.

5) Coinomi

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Coinomi is another popular lightweight multi-coin HD (Hierarchical Deterministic) wallet for storing Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin and other altcoins. Coinomi offers users with full control of their private keys making it a lucrative option for BCH holders.

6) Jaxx

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A popular multi-currency HD wallet, Jaxx allows users to control their private keys. Just prior to the fork, the Jaxx development team had announced that users need not do anything to access their BCH coins.

Since then the Jaxx team has rolled out multiple software updates that help BCH fully integrate on all Jaxx apps making it a safe solution for storing Bitcoin Cash.

7) Bitcoin Unlimited: Bitcoin Cash Client Wallet

Bitcoin Unlimited

With the launch of Bitcoin Unlimited’s Bitcoin Cash edition, support for BCH was officially announced. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It is one of the best bitcoin cash wallets aligned with the vision of BCH being a better bitcoin that can deliver on-chain scalability, reduce transaction fees and speed up confirmation rates.

8) CashAddress

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Although a paper wallet, CashAddress offers a nifty solution for BCH enthusiasts who prefer the DIY route to create their own paper wallet rather than relying on a cold storage hardware wallet. What’s more, Bitcoin Cash’s paper wallet script is now publicly available for anyone to create a BTC or BCH paper wallet from scratch.

9) KeepKey

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KeepKey is a hardware wallet for storing multiple cryptocurrencies including the likes of Bitcoin Cash (BCH).  Although quite bulky to tag along, it is one of the best bitcoin cash wallets on the market that can store up to 5 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, BCH and others.

10) Electron Cash

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A fork of the original Bitcoin wallet, Electrum, Electron Cash simply enables BCH users to backup their wallet through a mnemonic seed phrase on the lines of a HD wallet.

Available on Mac, Windows, Linux and Android OS, Electron Cash is a relatively light wallet which doesn’t warrant downloading the full node of Bitcoin Cash.

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