6+ Best Crypto Trading Bots in 2021

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With the sweeping popularity of Crypto and rising adoption, automated cryptocurrency tools are fast catching steam. Take for example, Crypto  trading bots that are autonomous software programs which automate all the manual endeavour needed to trade crypto. We have done a rundown of the best crypto trading bots that will alleviate a lot pain points and assist you in trading crypto with ease.

Since the crypto market is open 24X7 and highly volatile, crypto trading bots come in handy and help you mint more money while you are sleeping. Gone are the days of endlessly scouring crypto exchanges and indulging in 

panic selling. With some of the best crypto trading bots at your command, anyone can rake in high profits on their crypto investments in both bullish and bearish markets.

How do Crypto trading bots work?

Crypto Trading bots connect with your crypto exchange of choice such as Kraken, Binance, or Bitfinex via API integration. Then, they seamlessly automate boring manual parts of crypto trading and ensure utmost precision. So without further ado, let’s get started.

6 of the Best Crypto Trading Bots in 2021

1) Crypto Hopper

best crypto trading bots

Perhaps one of the most popular cryptocurrency trading bots, Cryptohopper, or The Cryptohopper, is based out of Amsterdam. They are a company that has been innovating with new features since their inception in 2017. 

The Cryptohopper offers a dedicated marketplace where many professional crypto traders sell their strategies. On the functionality front, Crypto Hopper offers an autonomous mode where you can trade unlimited cryptocurrency pairs. Newbies are free to even copy these strategies to make money.

What’s more, Cryptohopper also features the Arbitrage bot, which lets you reap steady profits from the price difference of the same pair between two different crypto exchanges.

2) 3Commas

best crypto trading bots

Available for crypto hobbyists, professional traders and crypto enthusiasts of all hues, 3Commas supports all massive popular cryptocurrency exchanges out there. It is a beginner-friendly trading terminal thanks to its paper trading feature through which newbies can test their strategies before putting real money for trading.

You can find several pre-configured bots on 3commas or create your own bot. It is especially helpful for newbies to learn the ins and outs of bot trading. Apart from paper trading and margin trading, you can also use 3Commas to do portfolio management, and portfolio rebalancing as well as trade in altcoin pairs.

All together, 3commas offers some of the best crypto trading bots and you can use this smart trading terminal to trade on a plethora of exchanges (including your family’s, clients’, or friends’ accounts) and reap the trailing take profit (TTP) feature.

3) Haasonline

best crypto trading bots

Haasonline is a desktop-based bot that can work with almost 22 exchanges. It offers some of the most unique bots in the game that run the gamut from Flash crash bots, to Arbitrage bots that rake in profits in every situation. Some of its popular bots include the likes of Trade bots, Advanced index bots and trend line bots.

Although a bit complex to get the hang of at first, you can refer to Haasonline’s free bots training videos for better understanding. Haasonline is available for Windows, Mac and Linux OS. Haasonline has also developed HassScript which it claims is the world’s most advanced crypto scripting language.

4) Stacked Invest

best crypto trading bots

Touted as the most beginner friendly algorithm trading marketplaces out there, Stacked Invest curates some of the finest algo trading strategies which you can implement on your favourite crypto exchanges and its automated bot will trade on your behalf.

Simply connect your crypto exchange with one of the bots, and witness the automation unfold itself. So much so, Stacked Invest has some of the best crypto trading bots in its arsenal.

Stacked Invest bots can automatically tweak the take profit, stop loss, and book the profit or loss options. It runs a live test on a select few exchanges for optimal performance.

5) BitUniverse

best crypto trading bots

If you are looking for a platform that offers some of the best free crypto trading bots, look no further than Bituniverse which provides AI based trading, and manual trading options.

Bituniverse helps you connect with popular exchanges such as Huobi, Binance, Okex, Pionex among over 22 more exchanges. Interestingly, the bots that Bituniverse offers for free crypto trading such as the “Grid trading bot”  are usually paid bots on other platforms. 

6) Quadency

best crypto trading bots

Rounding off our list is Quadency, a trading terminal which helps you trade on multiple exchanges from a single unified interface platform. Although this feature is commonplace among many crypto trading bots for ease-of-use Quadency’s interface is second to none. 

What sets Quadency apart from the rest of the trading bots on our list is that Quadency offers pre-defined automated trading strategies and backtesting features for users. 

Best Crypto Trading Bots: Summary

If you are looking for a beginner-friendly option, Stacked is the best crypto trading automated bot at your command. If you are looking for advanced features such as backtesting or social trading and want to explore crypto trading to the hilt via automation, Cryptohopper is the best crypto trading bot that offers all the advanced features that a professional crypto trader would need. 

We reckon that you should give all these trading bots a try since all of them bring something unique to the table. While Quadency offers a distinct interface, BitUniverse’s intuitive AI trading might come in handy for beginners. All in all, try all of the aforementioned trading bots to find which one best suits your trading style.

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