6+ Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps in 2021

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Keeping track of the returns from all your crypto coin investments and your entire crypto portfolio valuation can be a painstaking process. Truth be told, excel sheets can only be so much helpful when you are starting out. Because professional crypto traders rely on the best crypto portfolio tracker apps to stay abreast of the latest price fluctuations and market trends. 

While maintaining and analyzing excel sheets manually is a nightmare, using some of the best Crypto portfolio tracker apps automates the whole process and saves your crucial time. Crypto portfolio management apps or crypto portfolio trackers are developed to help hobbyist and full-time cryptocurrency investors/traders to effectively monitor and manage their large portfolios. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

6 Best Crypto Portfolio Tracker Apps 2021

1) CoinStats 

best crypto portfolio tracker

Perhaps one of the most popular cryptocurrency portfolio trackers on the market, CoinStats is available on a multitude of platforms including: Desktop, Mobile app (Android, iOS), Chrome extension, and Mac app. For starters, CoinStats can be connected with almost all the popular wallets, and crypto exchanges. Next, it automatically calculates latest curated profit and loss stats for you. There is also an auto sync feature on CoinStats that automates data gathered from different crypto exchanges within the app for your perusal. 

What’s more, crypto traders and hobbyists can stay updated with the latest  news, market trends, price fluctuations about the coins that you are tracking from within the app’s dashboard.

2) CoinTracking

best crypto portfolio tracker

Are you a frequent crypto trader who indulges in daily buying and selling of cryptos? Look no further than CoinTracking, a nifty app that is available on both desktop and mobile (Android and iOS). CoinTracking provides extensive data on the latest crypto market fluctuations that helps you make a prudent buying/selling decision. It also displays a ticker where you can see your entire current portfolio balance, 

Since managing and sussing out coins on various exchanges can be an arduous task, CoinTracking simplifies that aspect and presents a unified display of each coin and the corresponding amount that you are holding. 

While CoinTracking’s free plan lets you manage up to 200 trades, an upgrade with a nominal fee can enable management and access to a rich analytical data set about all your crypto coin trades till date.  

3) CryptoCompare

best crypto portfolio tracker

With extensive support for almost all cryptocurrencies, Cryptocompare is a community for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investors and traders. It also doubles as a portfolio management app available on both desktop and mobile. 

What’s more, it enables you to create multiple portfolios and presents data in the form of creative charts and graphs for deeper insights. There is also an advanced chart feature that will come in handy for pro traders. You can also add customized notes within the app. 

Not to mention it is one of the best free crypto portfolio tracker apps that presents a live risk analysis about various crypto coins. 

4) CoinmarketCap

best crypto portfolio tracker

Perhaps one of the most popular names in the crypto niche, Coinmarketcap is a crypto market analyzer that also doubles up as a crypto portfolio tracker. While Coinmarketcap only offers manual addition of a coin which you want to track, users can also see the profit/loss ratio of all their coins and add custom notes within the app. 

Especially for beginners relying on Excel spreadsheet or Google sheets, Coinmarketcap is one of the best crypto portfolio tracker apps out there for managing your portfolio. All in all, Coinmarketcap is an intuitive app which makes buying and selling crypto quite easy. 

5) Zerion

best crypto portfolio tracker

Have you joined the DeFi bandwagon? If you just started investing in DeFi via Metamask, Ledger Nano X, Argent or any other decentralized finance wallets, then using Zerion will make tracking portfolio a walk in the park. 

Zerion enables users to manage their entire DeFi portfolio across multiple wallet accounts in a single unified portal. Furthermore, you can even track your portfolio’s gain or loss data.  At present, Zerion supports a number of popular DeFi wallets such as Coinbase wallet, TrustWallet, MetaMask and Argent among others. 

6) Delta

best crypto portfolio tracker

Rounding off our list of the best crypto portfolio tracker apps is Delta which is a mobile-only app available on both Android and iOS platforms. Delta supports a multitude of crypto coins (over 2000) that it can track from your portfolio. It sends out price alert notifications for each exchange that you have signed up on & provides in-depth coin analysis charts, market cap and more. 

Delta enables users to add BTC, ETH and fiat currencies as reserve currencies and deducts period purchases from these reserve currencies to provide a profit/loss statement of their portfolio. What’s more, all the data can be synced with up to 5 different devices. With the pro Delta version app, you can manage up to 10 different portfolios from your main dashboard.

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