Monero Wallet: How to Create & Use Monero Wallet Address Online

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With a rapid surge in the popularity of private cryptocurrency Monero (XMR), it is becoming more and more inevitable that Monero will vie for the top spot of the cryptocurrency with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) in the time to come. In the last six months alone, the value of Monero has rocketed manifolds by 394.07% compared to USD. However, with increased adoption FOMO really kicks in. And, if you have heard your best pal raving on about their Monero investments, you too can get started real quick with a Monero wallet. 

A Monero wallet is a wallet that is used to store your Monero on your device whether it be desktop or mobile. Monero wallets can be both hardware or software-based. Let’s dive deep into how you can get started with using the prized privacy coin, Monero (XMR). 

How to create Monero Wallet address online?

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If you want to create Monero wallets the easy way, then you have come to the right place. In this guide, we will share how you can easily create your Monero wallet online. 

The fastest way to create Monero(XMR) wallets is MyMonero. For the MyMonero web interface to run smoothly you will need a clean computer system and browser with no history. 

The best browser for creating a Monero XMR wallet or operating any cryptocurrency for that matter is the Brave browser. 

1) Using a Virtual Machine or your browser’s incognito mode, Visit

2) Create an Account

3) Next, you will see a private login key through which you can access your MyMonero account. Write it down on a piece of paper, memorize it & keep it in a safe place.

How to get Monero Online?

Now if you want to buy Monero online there are several avenues. For starters, you can head over to peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace Localmonero and buy Monero from sellers onboard without KYC. 

1) Choose a Seller

2) Enter the amount of Moneroj that you wish to buy. Pay the sellers your local fiat currency.

3) Now there is a catch. What if you don’t want to use payment gateway who has all your personal information? Simply choose the Cash by mail option to buy Moneroj via cash.

Or, if you are already holding Bitcoin or any other crypto, simply head over to a popular exchange such as Changelly and exchange your Bitcoin (BTC), Ether(ETH) or other cryptocurrencies into Monero. Simple as that.

Please note that Changelly is also KYC-free so users don’t have to share their personal details with anyone to buy Monero on their platform.

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