100+ Best Ethereum Apps in 2022

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The confluence of crypto with culture, day-to-day activities has seen an uptick. While the rapidly encroaching DApp offerings continue to enrich our lives in myriad ways, the true boom of Ethereum is yet to be seen. There is a slew of unique Ethereum apps that are paving the way forward for adoption and mass scale usability. Some of the best Ethereum apps have already entered the market and it is only a matter of time before they become an integral part of our lives with the advent of technology. 

We have done a rundown of 100 of the best Ethereum apps across verticals that are available for download for free on both the Apple or Google Play stores. While some of these apps are accessible directly via their respective websites in the form of demos, betas, or fully-fledged versions, it is intriguing enough to have a good long gander at them. So without further ado, let’s get started.

100 of the Best Ethereum Apps 2022

Best Ethereum Apps: Back to Basics 101

best ethereum apps

This list entails all the bare necessities ranging from Browsers, utilities and wallets that fortify adoption of Ethereum. 

1) Brave: A unique web and mobile based browser that comes integrated with BAT and ERC-20 tokens.

2) MetaMask: It is a special browser-based Ethereum wallet which connects your device to the Ethereum blockchain. You can do peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing and token swapping easily via Metamask.

3) Ethereum Name Service: Crypto addresses are alphanumeric and can get really long and painstaking to read. Ethereum Name Service helps create a catchy, custom and easy to read ETH wallet address.

4) MyEtherWallet: An open-source, client-side interface for generating Ethereum wallets.

5) SelfKey: A self-governing identity system.

6) Civic: Data management and secure identity app.

7) MyCrypto Wallet: An Ethereum wallet manager that can be used to buy, send or exchange crypto with your favorite wallets.

Best Ethereum Apps for Music Buffs

8) Audius: New age music streaming and sharing platform where artists/bands can upload music and share it with the world and make new fans. Audius wants to put power back into content creators’ hands.

9) Catalog: A sonic platform where you can listen, collect, or trade original tracks and music. Solo Artists/bands get to receive 100% on their initial sale. What’s more, they are also eligible to receive a fixed percentage fee upfront on every resale.

Best Ethereum Apps: Art Marketplaces

best ethereum apps

10) OpenSea: The largest peer-to-peer trading market in the world for NFTs(non-fungible tokens), crypto-collectibles and rare digital items.

11) Rarible: A community-driven NFT marketplace. 

12) Zora: A market protocol for NFTs where creators get artist royalties on resales in a unique way. 

14) SuperRare: An NFT marketplace where you can buy or sell unique, single-edition digital artworks. 

15) Foundation: Invest in rare digital art collections and trade them with other buyers.

16) Nifty Gateway: A platform for collecting unique fine art and collectibles.

17) Bitski: Platform for creating, selling, and displaying NFTs.

18) Ephemera: A marketplace showcasing lens-based art, artists and galleries.

19) Async Art: A platform for creating, collecting, and trading programmable digital art.

20) Cent: An erstwhile social network which is now an NFT marketplace. 

21) MakersPlace: Marketplace for sharing and collecting rare digital collectibles.

22) Mintable: Mint, manage, and browse digital collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain.

Decentralized Finance

Defi lending platforms

DeFi or Decentralized Finance is a Web3 alternative to traditional finance. DeFi is a futuristic, long-term project built on the Ethereum blockchain that aims to simplify transactions with minimal to zero fees and no middlemen. 

Once DeFi gains mass adoption it can help billions of users send, receive, borrow, lend, earn interest, and even stream funds across the world with an internet connection, and a mobile wallet. Let’s have a look at all the Ethereum apps that come under the purview of Decentralized Finance.

Best Ethereum Apps: Social Networking Apps

23) Livepeer: Open source video app for live video broadcasting. 

24) Minds: A censorship-free social network.

25) Akasha: Decentralized social network built on Ethereum blockchain.

26) VouchForMe: Built on the Ethereum blockchain, VouchForMe is a distributed insurance platform based on social proof.

27) Refereum: A referral platform where you can earn rewards for playing and sharing games, and  watch live streams.

Exchanges: Best Ethereum Apps

best ethereum apps

28) IDEX: Decentralized finance exchange with high transaction throughput.

29) LocalCryptos: Buy and sell ETH via P2P in a fast and private way through various methods.

30) 1inch: Single point of entry for DeFi and a DEX aggregator

31) AirSwap: A decentralized marketplace for buying/selling tokens.

32) LEVERJ: A futures trading decentralized exchange that is self-custodial.

33) Uniswap: Based on the Ethereum blockchain, Uniswap is an automated token exchange.

34) ForkDelta: A decentralized exchange for Ethereum tokens.

35) Bancor: A decentralized token exchange and liquidity network.

36) 0x: A Protocol for decentralized exchange used by platforms such as DDEX, Tokenlon, and Matcha.

37) Liquality: A multi-chain browser extension wallet for swapping crypto coins across blockchains.

38) Curve: An AMM where you can exchange stablecoins and earn liquidity fees and lending interest.

39) Sushiswap: Community-driven automated market-making DEX.

40) Synthetix: Exchange synthetic fiat currencies by using crypto assets as collaterals.

41) Set: A protocol where you can create and manage token baskets for trading.

Pooling and Investments: Best Ethereum Apps

42) Pool Together: A protocol where investors holding POOL tokens can earn prizes every week.

43) Index Coop: A crypto index fund that gives your crypto portfolio exposure to the best DeFi tokens.

44) InstaDApp: Decentralized bank built on the MakerDAO protocol.

45) Dharma: A comprehensive suite of developer tools and smart contracts for borrowing and lending crypto-assets on Ethereum blockchain.

46) Token Sets: Asset management platform with tokenized trading.

47) Lendoit: Peer-to-peer decentralized lending platform where borrowers and lenders meetup.

48) Nexus Mutual: A decentralized finance alternative to traditional insurance where you can insure smart contracts with a risk-sharing pool.

Lending and Borrowing: Best Ethereum Apps 

49) AAVE: Open source, non-custodial protocol where you can borrow assets and earn interest on deposits.

50) Oasis Borrow: Lock your tokens as collateral to Generate DAI by locking your tokens as collateral.

51) Compound Finance: An Open source protocol for efficient and algorithmic money markets on the Ethereum network.

52) Yearn.Finance: Decentralized yield aggregator for optimizing token lending.

Games: Best Ethereum Apps

best ethereum apps

PC, XBox, and PlayStation games are passe. Decentralized games are in vogue and slowly getting stream. From slow interactions with digital 2D cuddly collectibles, Decentralized games have evolved into conquering planets in metaverses, immersive graphics, in-game collectibles (NFCs) and hidden sci-fi themed games based on zk-SNARK technology.

53) Sorare: A fantasy soccer game that runs on Ethereum blockchain. Gamers can trade player cards that are NFCs, enter weekly tournaments & win prizes worth thousands of pounds.

54) Ethermon: A la Pokemon of the crypto realm, Ethermon entails capturing, battling, and trading Ether Monsters. You can collect in-game currency for and get monetary rewards.

55) Axie Infinity: Collect, raise and battle fantasy creatures called Axie and earn Small Love Potion (SLP) 

56) Dark Forest: Explore and conquer new planets in an infinite, cryptographically-created universe. 

57) Brave Frontier Heroes: Successful mobile game Brave Frontier gets a crypto makeover with Brave Frontier Heroes that is also loosely inspired   by another blockchain game, My Crypto Heroes.

58) EthSnakes: A decentralized ode to the classic Snake and Ladders. Players can check the smart contract in Etherscan to verify whether results haven’t been manipulated.

59) Decentralized Nations: Build great nations and cities, and compete with fellow players and earn DENA token. 

60) Gods Unchained:  A trading card game where players can build their own deck of ERC-721 cards to participate in weekly tournaments and win prizes.

61) Decentraland: A virtual reality platform where users create and monetize content and applications.

62) FunFair: A fair, safe, and addictive casino.

63) Etheroll: A fair dice game with a low 1% house edge. It requires no sign-ups or deposits.

65) 0x Universe: Build spaceships, explore far off galaxies and colonize planets with ease.

66) Moon Crypto Polis: A Decentralized strategy game related to colonizing the moon.

67) Caesar’s Triumph: Create a utopian world of splendid economic, political, and military strategy in this strategy conquest game.

68) Lordless: A fantasy game where players can recruit bounty hunters, send them on quests, and reap monetary in-game rewards.

69) Dragonereum: Breed dragons, and trade crypto-collectibles with fellow players.

70) CryptoVoxels: A virtual world based on the Ethereum blockchain where you can buy land, stores and build art galleries.

71) Marble Cards: Collecting content from the whole entire internet to measure its intrinsic value. You can marble (or save) any unique web page’s URL into a digital collectible card on Ethereum blockchain.

72) ZED: Buy, sell and breed racehorses on Ethereum.

73) MLB Champions: A Fantasy football game where you can collect players and play fantasy baseball.

74) My Crypto Heroes: Players can run their own digital employment agency for historical heroes. 

Work: Best Ethereum Apps

best ethereum apps

75) Ethlance: A platform for finding work and getting remuneration in digital crypto currencies.

76) Gitcoin: Monetize and incentivize work via open-source software.

77) OpenLaw: An app for creating smart legal contracts and agreements.

78) Numerai: A great way to earn crypto in weekly data science competitions.

79) Gluon.Network: Start developing on an operational Ethereum Layer2 chain. 

80) Request: A platform for sending invoices and getting paid securely in crypto and fiat currency. 

81) Radicle: Secure peer-to-peer (P2P) code collaboration without third-party involvement.

82) Tokit: Crowdfund media through artwork tokenization.

Digital Collectibles: Best Ethereum Apps

83) CryptoPunks: Considered as one of the earliest NFTs (Non-fungible tokens). They are the inspiration behind the ERC-721 tokens. You can collect or trade 10,000 unique crypto punks that have a limited supply and increasing value. 

84) Hashmasks: Digital art collectibles (NFTs) with an intrinsic value. 

85) Avastars: An application for generating avatars for the metaverse. 

86) EulerBeats: An rare and unique digital art and beats collection generated by applying mathematical discoveries of Euler.

Prediction Markets: Best Ethereum Apps

87) Augur: A decentralized prediction market where you can forecast real-world events and win. It comes with its own Augur Token.

88) Gnosis: A prediction market for valuing digital assets.

89) Enjin Coin: Create, trade, and store blockchain-based assets.

90) Golem: An open-source, decentralized supercomputer 

91) Polymarket: A platform that you can use to bet on outcomes and trade on information markets.

92) Origin: A protocol for creating peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces on the Ethereum blockchain.

DAO: Best Ethereum Apps

93) MakerDAO: A multipronged DAO featuring the OasisDEX exchange, DAI stablecoin, and investment assets.

94) Aragon: Dismantles the need for intermediaries regarding the management of organizations.

95) FlamingoDAO: An NFT-focused DAO that facilitates exploring new investment opportunities in blockchain-based assets.

96) Badger: A single purpose DAO which aims to accelerate Bitcoin as collateral across other blockchains by building necessary infrastructure.

97) The LAO: A venture capital fund based out of the United States.

98) MolochDAO: A DAO that invests in Ethereum blockchain’s development

99) DXdao: Develops, and governs new DeFi protocols and DeFi products.

100) PeepsPoolParty: Goal-based community fundraiser in the DeFi space.

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